Why Cosmetics Have Taken On A Holistic Approach

The Cosmetics industry is changing things up and taking on a more holistic approach when it comes to beauty products. There was a time when beauty was external. That is why, back then and even now, the products are made to enhance the outer beauty by a big length.

But slowly, this idea is changing, as many people are more into more holistic approaches to healing their body. Everyone knows that one has a better body system when products are free from toxins and radicals, the evidence shows on the skin and hair.

This particular thinking has changed the way cosmetic consumers and manufacturers think. It is why many brands are slowly moving towards the better health of the customers and not just external enhancement of beauty. So, instead of working on finding the perfect foundation, people are looking towards increasing their skins’ health. And this is what brands direct their attention to lately.

What is Internal Healing and How Does it Relate to Cosmetics?

Having a body that is not healthy will show negative side effects on the skin and hair over time. So, if one wants good, healthy skin for the long term, they need to work on their health. The body undergoes several stresses and strain over time, from lifestyle stress to other chemical stress. All this leads to repercussions, which is evident with a person’s overall health and their skin/hair health.

This is where internal healing becomes important. Internal healing helps in bettering the overall health from the inside out. It means detoxifying the system, clarifying the blood, improving the gut, and adding more nutrients into the system.

This leads to better health, and results show on the skin and hair over time. When the body gets various micronutrients, vitamins, and other essentials, the effects become visible on the skin and hair.

This type of healing helps better the skin texture, helps to stagnate the ageing process and betters the hair’s health.

What Involves Internal Healing and How can Cosmetics Improve Your Overall Health?

Many things focus on internal healing like:

– Good food that is balanced and has all the nutrients required by the body for better   functioning.

– Drink enough water for hydration and also to flush out the toxins.

– Daily sleep of 8 hours to boost overall health.

– Daily exercise of 30 minutes to better blood circulation.

But one thing that the cosmetic brands are focusing on other than the above-mentioned health-boosting methods is added nutrition to the skin and hair externally. This nutrition is designed in a way that it will penetrate the outermost layers and will heal the damaged cells and tissues internally.

Some popular ingredients added to the cosmetics to enhance their effects are aloe, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, moringa seed oil, jojoba oil, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, and white tea.

Up and coming trends In Cosmetics

One of the things that cannot be stopped is the discoveries and inventions in science. It involves research and new inventions in the field of cosmetology and dermatology as well. Across the globe, several companies are working continuously to understand how the skin works. They are trying to find the answers to their questions. Some of the major research topics include cellular regeneration, the ageing process, tissue engineering, etc.

 Here are some trends that will be worked upon in the next few years of cosmetic research:

 –         DNA profiling: Many experts are already talking about how DNA profiling of individuals can help identify the underlying issues related to skin and hair. It will allow in manufacturing personalized, targeted treatments and cosmetics for them.

–         Cellular engineering: Cellular engineering can help treat various skin issues like blemishes, scars, and other imperfections. It will help in getting a more permanent solution to the problems.

–         Stem cell-based treatments: Stem cell is the raw material, which can be turned into any cell type. Many dermatologists know the stem cells can reverse cellular ageing. It can be quite a turning point for anti-ageing treatments and cosmetics.

–         Biotechnologically-made essences and nutrients: These days, biotechnology is used on a major note to create cosmetic products. These products fall in the category of smart cosmetics, as they tend to have ingredients created specifically for targeting a bunch of issues altogether.

The world of cosmetics is changing rapidly, as people are more interested in finding long term solutions for their cosmetic issues. That is why brands are more into finding a solution that treats the problem from its roots and not superficially. From biotechnology to stem cell treatments, everything will bring big changes to the way people will look at cosmetic routines. These new trends are in their nascent stages currently. But, there is a strong chance that everything will change shortly, and these trends will take over the market completely.

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