Naturopathic Health Insurance: Need to Know

There are many insurance companies that currently cover naturopathic medicine. There is a difference between Naturopathic medicine compared to holistic medicine. Naturopathic medicine is its own discipline of medicine with specific training rooted in natural remedies. Holistic medicine is practiced by physicians with conventional medical training who maintain a holistic philosophy focusing on a mind-body approach to medicine.

Difference between Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine


Helps the body health itself using natural remedies. Uses herbs, massage, acupuncture, and exercise, in an effort, to sustain and restore health.


Holistic medicine Is an ethos of philosophy of medicine used by physicians that have completes conventional medical training. They believe in treating the whole person- body, spirit, mind, and emotions- to retore and maintain health.

Is Naturopath Health Covered by Health Insurance?

There is a growing number of Americans who wish to use natural healing methods and are seeing our alternatives to conventional allopathic medicines. Naturopathic being the fastest growing and most beneficial of any other alternative options. Naturopathic medical care can be covered depending on where you are seeking it. Your doctor may take the insurance. Although there are some insurance plans that offer coverage. Your best option would be to contact your insurance plan to find out what you are eligible for. Some insurance plans do offer a reimbursement.

Many naturopathic doctors (NDs) require payment at time of service. For the services to be covered or partially covered by insurance, patients need to submit all the billing codes offered by a superbill/ service.

Find out If You are Covered

As of now many insurance companies are now covering naturopathic medicine, if you are unsure about your current healthcare coverage follow these tips below:

-Look At your policy

            In your policy they generally give you a “definition of Doctor” but this does not specifically exclude naturopathic doctors.

-Call your insurance company

            While on the phone with your Health insurance company here are a few suggestion things to mention or ask.

1.Does my policy cover licensed naturopathic doctor services?

2.Does the “definition” of doctor in my policy specifically exclude naturopathic doctors?

3, Does the definition limit service to specific health care providers? Which ones? Naturopathic doctors are primary care doctors licensed to practice medicine in my state, if necessary. Be sure to have a copy of your naturopathic doctor’s license for future documentation.

Additionally, if Naturopathic medical services are covered by your policy the doctor would be who provides you with any necessary diagnostic codes, signatures, signatures, etc.,

Also, if you are not covered under naturopathic insurance, you can try to modify your policy.

If You Have a Policy that Covers Naturopathic Medicine

We mentioned a little bit about Naturopathic Medicine previously in this article. But to go into more detail, lets reiterate that Naturopathic medicine is what people believe that the body can heal itself. Mainly aims on improved health, preventive disease, and treat illnesses through organic foods, exercise.

They strongly believe that a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and other treatments from other areas of complementary medicine.

History of Naturopathy

Developed in the late 1800’s, in the United States. Currently there are both naturopathic doctors and traditional naturopaths who practice naturopathic medicine. A naturopathic doctor (ND) attends a graduate-level naturopathic medical school for four years, during school they study basic sciences and therapies including herbal medicine, homeopathy, and body work.

In 2019, the Federal Government removed 16 natural therapies, meaning that private insurers will no longer be able to offer these specific benefits. This was due to a review don’t by the National Health an Medical Research Council, where they found that there was no clear evidence of the effectiveness of the above therapies.

A Naturopathic Doctor’s Belief

The belief of most naturopathic doctors and naturopaths is that natural therapies are beneficial. These include nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Instead of prescribing prescription medicines they prescribe medicines, homeopathic dilutions, or nutritional supplements.

Why Use Naturopathic Medicine

The main reason why people tend to utilize a naturopathic medicine provider is to promote health, prevent disease, and to treat illness. Additionally, therapies such as remedical massage, myotherapy, acupuncture, chines medicine, and exercise physiology.

Risks of Using Naturopathic Medicine

  1. Fasting- When people do not eat or drink or consume only liquids for a period of time. This can be dangerous.
  2. Some Naturopathic doctors believe that immunizations are not necessary.

Not Covered Under My Health Insurance Plan

Just because your health insurance plan denies you for Naturopathic coverage, there are a few ways around it.

Contact your Health Insurance plan and have questions available such as:

  1. Does my plan cover this treatment for my health insurance?
  2. Do I need to get Pre-approved or a prescriber for this treatment?
  3. Do I need a referral?
  4. Do I need to get a practitioner in my plan network?
  5. Will I have coverage if I go out of network?
  6. Will I have coverage if I go out of network?
  7. Are there limits on how many visits or how much you will pay for this treatment?
  8. How much will I need to pay out of pocket?


*It is always important to talk to your medical professional about any changes you may want to make to your medical plan.

*Get the facts.

*Find the right practitioner.

*Choose the right treatment.