Most Affordable Health Insurance Providers in Florida

5 Affordable Health Insurance Companies in Florida

  1. Aetna
  2. Humana
  3. Florida Blue
  4. Cigna
  5. Liberty


If you currently live in Florida and are looking for health insurance, you may want to be aware of the most affordable options that are available to you. We have composed this list for you to help better your chances of finding a not only affordable plan, but one that fits all your healthcare needs.


Aetna offers a variety of different health insurance plans from individual plans to plans that cover the entire family.  They also offer Aetna Medicare, Aetna Medicaid, student health insurance, and international insurance. Additionally, they have plans under the Affordable Care Act, short-term plans, and medical indemnity plans through e- health.

Aetna continues to be a highly recommended health insurance provider. They have a large selection of plans and provide excellent customer service.

An ACA- compliant Aetna plan for individual insurance plans with no subsidy had an average monthly premium of $525.07. However, individual plans eligible for a subsidy averaged at $374.55.


Humana also offers a variety of different health insurance plans at an affordable rate. In 2019, Humana Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan members saved approximately $7,800 on average on their RX costs.

Humana is also one of the leading health and well-being companies in our Nation. They offer an array of health and wellness products and services and integrate a holistic approach to a person’s lifelong well-being.

A basic RX plan through Humana can range between premiums of $19.70 to $45.00 a month. This plan, in particular, has an annual deductible of $445.

Humana is available to people older than 65 or if they have a qualifying disability.

Florida Blue

Florida Blue makes health insurance affordable for individuals, families, Medicare, and businesses.  Florida Blue is not only affordable, but it has also a top ranking among health insurers across the country.

They offer high quality coverage for as low as $0 a month, with little to no copays, and PCP and urgent care visits $0.  This is because they have partners such as Sanitas and other value-choice providers.

This is a great option for most people because they offer lower prices for high-quality care than any other network.

They have also made it easier for people to receive preventative care at their centers. They offer $0 health assessments, personal consultations, wellness programs, and more.


Cigna offers a variety of individual, family, dental, vision, short-term, global individual, and group plans at a reasonable price. They also offer three types of plans- Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Another plus with Cigna plans is that they currently cover telehealth visits, which have become more necessary due to COVID-19.

Cigna also has an exceptionally large network of physicians with 500,000 physicians and over 8,000 hospitals within their network.


Liberty offers affordable and flexible healthcare sharing programs.  This is a great option for those health-conscious individuals and families looking for an affordable way to share medical care expenses with a like-minded community.

Liberty HealthShare is a Christian based, non- profit organization where they facilitate the voluntary sharing between members to pay each other’s medical costs.

This is not health insurance; it is considered to be a medical cost sharing program.

Not always the most affordable option but may be a good fit for someone in excellent health with a robust savings account to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses.


So, above we provided you with a little bit of information about some of the most affordable health insurance plans in Florida. Learning about your different options is incredibly important because there are so many different aspects to acknowledge when looking for a perfect insurance plan. Affordable plans may sound nice, but you need to be sure it is going to cover your medical needs, otherwise you may be spending more at the end of the day. Here are 5 great health insurance companies that deserve your consideration, but each one for a different reason. Let us help you in making that hard decision, allow us to guide you through the process. Our experienced representatives will be with you every step of the way and will be able to answer any additional questions that may arise. Because we all know that more will come. Let us make finding the perfect plan painless and easier on you today!