Is Health Insurance Mandatory?

Since day one, every baby’s health is keenly looked after by their parents/caretakers. From providing effective medical attention to ensuring hygienic surroundings, everything is done to promote the fitness of the newborn. Each spoon is fed after loading it with all the essential nutrients. Later, self-check, physical activities, wholesome diet, and other healthy habits come into the scene. But people often overpass one of the most imperative aspects of their well-being- Health Insurance. It might even come as a bolt from the blue that some adults do not even know about the existence of this concept.\

About health insurance

Before proceeding to the need or compulsion of getting this facility, it is sensible to know the background of this topic. It is neither a shock nor an unacceptable fact that the health status of any individual across the globe can get disturbed at any time. The reasons can be one or a combination of innumerable factors like environmental, economic, financial, emotional, accidental, genetics, lifestyle, etc.
It can get hectic or even impractical to arrange for sufficient funds in any health emergency within a couple of minutes. This is when having health insurance would come as a sigh of relief. It is like planning to cope up with any future physical or mental disruption.

Is it mandatory to have a health insurance plan?

Health is a subject of paramount importance. Sustainability, workability, and all pleasures of life are heavily dependent upon the person’s mental and physical fitness. Therefore, it is not just a personal affair but even the State’s duty to enrich the quality of health. The following reasons may give insightful points to obtain a health insurance package.

  • Official Mandate- The Hon’ble Constitution of nations entrusts the running governments to improve the standard of living by enhancing the health statuses of its citizens. Thereby, various laws are created to fulfil this prime duty of the State by respective provisions. Even certain specific acts or internal policies of employment may lay down eligibility conditions for having health insurance.


  • External Uncertainties- One of the biggest factors impacting the well-being of the residents can be the environment they live in. The year 2020 is notorious for putting all lives in danger. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it is now understood that nobody is immune from diseases. Only those will survive who have the means to get treated and medicated. Having reliable health insurance will help a long way.


  • Personal Lifestyle- With the fast and busy routines, people are unable to spare time for self-care. Long sitting hours for work, study, or leisure lead to eye, spine, mental, and physical ailments. Even nutritious diets are swapped for quick unhealthy options. Liquor, smoke, and other drugs are further deteriorating the health. All these factors create ample room for the necessity of a backup health plan.
  • Inflation Crisis- Given the prevailing economical situations, various places are facing financial-flow issues. The pattern of hiked prices has started to feel like an everlasting adverse trend. As a result, it becomes quite challenging to absorb the shocks of medical bills. Purchasing pills, getting treatments, and other health-related expenses are becoming heavy on the wallets. So, an early purchase of a health package will save a whopping amount of money for tomorrow’s urgencies.


  • Tax Benefits- The responsible citizens of a nation who legitimately pay tax on income can avail of related benefits. Certain laws in this field allow the payer to claim rebates on the payment of health insurance premiums. Thus, it helps a person avail of double rewards- one as a tax deduction and the second as a measure for health. Get this indirect mandate for advantages today.


  • Timely Treatment- Though it should not happen to anybody, life is unpredictable. A cash crunch can happen to anyone, and it may also be the time for happy maternal deliveries or unfortunate medical attendance. In such a tight situation, one may not arrange sufficient funds in a short period. However, advancing to a supportive healthcare plan can help to get timely services.

It is vital to deal with wellness problems, when they happen. If all these points do not mandate health insurance, then what else will? The mandate does not have to come from a lawful authority only but the inner self and a better action plan.

Isn’t health insurance a wasteful expenditure?

Certainly not! That has to be the shortest and most apt reply to this genuine question. Something that will help tomorrow in fragile time cannot be a waste of money today. Is it not easy to pay instalments for a bigger perk? The same concept and benefit can be derived here. It is better to dedicate a small portion of income towards a health insurance premium rather than having no deposits at urgent times.

Is it mandatory to buy health insurance early?

There are no hard and fast rules for deciding the right period. Different people cook, sleep, eat, and do other chores at different times according to their convenience; the same applies while buying an insurance policy. However, it might be favorable to start paying out the premium at the early stages of life as: –

  • The amount of premium usually increases with age, older people being more prone to health problems.
  • It is easier to incur this expense while one is employed and earning. Paying out after retirement may exhaust the savings.
  • Young adults are offered more options to choose from the many available healthcare plans.
  • Usually, agencies have a pre-set condition under the name of the waiting period. It means that the insured person has to wait for the defined number of days before redeeming a claim. So, applying early would eliminate this delay when one wants to use the amount urgently.

Everybody is in such a rush in today’s modern era that health is often left behind. Be it a nutritional diet or daily workout, regular full body check-up, or periodical reassuring health insurance; everything should be done on time. Todays’ care and planning will make way for a healthier future.